Please read this website carefully. Your rights may be affected.

The information contained on this website is only a summary of information presented in more detail in the NOTICE OF (I) PENDENCY OF CLASS ACTION AND PROPOSED SETTLEMENT; (II) SETTLEMENT FAIRNESS HEARING; AND (III) MOTION FOR AN AWARD OF ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND LITIGATION EXPENSES.  Because this website is just a summary, you should review the Notice for additional details.

Summary of the Action and Settlement

In this pending securities class action, the Court-appointed Lead Plaintiff Union Asset Management Holding AG (“Lead Plaintiff”) alleges that Defendants Equifax Inc. (“Equifax”) and Robert F. Smith (collectively, “Defendants”) violated the federal securities laws by making false and misleading statements regarding Equifax’s business (the “Action”). A more detailed description of the Action is set forth in the Notice. Defendants have denied and continue to deny these allegations.

Lead Plaintiff, on behalf of itself and the Settlement Class (defined below), has reached a proposed settlement of the Action for $149,000,000 in cash that, subject to final approval by the Court, will resolve all claims in the Action (the “Settlement”). If the Settlement receives final approval from the Court, and the Effective Date occurs, the Net Settlement Fund (i.e., the Settlement Amount, plus any and all interest earned thereon, less court-awarded attorneys’ fees and Litigation Expenses, Notice and Administration Costs, any required Taxes, and any other fees or costs approved by the Court) will be distributed in accordance with a proposed plan of allocation (the “Plan of Allocation”) that will be approved by the Court and will determine how the Net Settlement Fund shall be allocated to Class Members. The Plan of Allocation begins on page 12 of the Notice

If you are a member of the Settlement Class, your rights will be affected and you may be eligible for a payment from the Settlement. 

The Settlement Class consists of:

all persons and entities who purchased or otherwise acquired publicly-traded Equifax common stock during the period from February 25, 2016 through September 15, 2017, inclusive (the “Class Period”), and who were damaged thereby (the “Settlement Class”), except for certain persons and entities who are excluded from the Settlement Class by definition as set forth in paragraph 27 of the Notice.

Please read the Notice to fully to understand your rights and options.

If you are a member of the Settlement Class, in order to be potentially eligible to receive a payment from the Settlement, you must submit a Claim Form postmarked no later than July 22, 2020.

Payments to eligible claimants will be made only if the Court approves the Settlement and a plan of allocation, and only after any appeals are resolved, and after the completion of all claims processing. Please be patient, as this process will take some time to complete.

JULY 22, 2020
To be eligible to receive a payment from the Settlement, you must mail the Claim Form and supporting documentation, postmarked no later than July 22, 2020, in accordance with the instructions in the Notice and Claim Form.
JUNE 5, 2020
To exclude yourself from the Settlement Class, you must submit a written request for exclusion so that it is received no later than June 5, 2020, in accordance with the instructions in the Notice.
JUNE 5, 2020
Any objections to the proposed Settlement, the proposed Plan of Allocation for the proceeds of the Settlement, or the application for attorneys’ fees and Litigation Expenses, must be received no later than June 5, 2020, in accordance with the instructions in the Notice.
JUNE 26, 2020
AT 9:30 AM 
To attend the Settlement Fairness Hearing and/or ask to speak in Court about the Settlement, see the instructions in the Notice. The Settlement Fairness Hearing will be held on June 26, 2020 at 9:30 a.m., before the Honorable Thomas W. Thrash, Jr. at the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, Courtroom 2108 of the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and United States Courthouse, 75 Ted Turner Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303